The Bespoke Bicycle Club was established in 2014 as a content led marketplace, designed to discuss, promote and sell unique and individual bicycles, parts and accessories.

From an editorial perspective, the Club is interested in the stories behind these unique products, how they came to exist and who the people are who designed and built them. The marketplace itself is not just for consumers but also for independent bicycle traders. The long term aim is to build a network of resources that can benefit consumers, independent frame builders as well as bicycle and accessory buyers and sellers.

For a month long period over March and April of 2015, Bespoke Bicycle Club will be occupying a shop on Camden High Street, London, and running a full time concept store promoting exciting and interesting brands.

Big thanks to the Camden Collective for helping set us up in the pop up shop on Camden High Street. The Collective is a pioneering project putting Camden Town at the heart of the UK’s creative community, supporting creative people into employment and in setting up their own businesses. The regeneration programme builds on the rich cultural history and reputation of Camden Town to ensure a legacy of improved skills, enhanced employability and enterprise.

James Middleton, editor of the Bespoke Bicycle Club

James Middleton, founder and editor of the Bespoke Bicycle Club, is also the founder of 8Ball Bicycles, a UK-based independent bicycle manufacturer and the UK distributor for Colossi Cycling.

Catherine Ellis is founder of Hill & Ellis, makers of London's finest panniers. Catherine is co-hosting the Bespoke Bicycle Club.

Catherine Ellis, founder of Hill & Ellis, makers of London’s finest panniers. is co-hosting the Bespoke Bicycle Club.